Artificial Intelligence and Analytics Solutions for Creative Industries


What we do

Gradiant AI delivers artificial intelligence and analytics solutions to creative industries. We work with companies to solve their most complex challenges throughout the creation, production and distribution processes.



We help creators and editors leverage data to design bold experiences and impactful stories.



We work with producers to optimize their operations to make them save money and time.



We develop solutions to match the right content with the right people, on the optimal platform and moment.

How we can help

We provide an end-to-end support to organizations in creative industries who have large-scale data to leverage for business, creative or editorial decision-making.


Exploration & Workshops

We help organizations discover the applications and implications of AI and analytics through workshops, studies and reports.


Strategy & USE CASES

We work with companies to build and execute their data strategy. We define the highest impact applications for AI and prioritize them.


Development & Implementation

The core of our work is to develop and implement AI and analytics enabled solutions that accelerate business or creative outcomes.

Thanks for their support


We want to thank the organizations that supported our growth and internationalization.


Who we are

Our team works at the intersections of data sciences and creative industries.