Artificial Intelligence and Analytics Solutions for Creative Industries


What we do

We collaborate with creators and the business units who support them to deliver practical artificial intelligence and analytics solutions to organizations.


Creative teams

We help creators design bold experiences and impactful stories. We provide solutions that give them the possibility to leverage data in their work in a meaningful way.

Personalize content
Validate and synthesize information
Detect emerging topics
Build real-time interactivity
Automate formats adaptation


Business units

We work with organizations to build and execute their data strategy. We deliver solutions to implement data-informed decision-making, support value-driving activities and accelerate business outcomes.

Improve discoverability
Boost monetization
Engage audiences
Optimize distribution
Customize platforms

How we can help

We provide an end-to-end support to organizations in creative industries who have large-scale data to leverage for business or creative purposes.


We help organizations discover the applications and implications of AI and analytics through workshops, studies and reports.


We work with companies to build and execute their data strategy. We define the highest impact applications for AI and prioritize them.


The core of our work is to develop and implement AI and analytics enabled solutions that accelerate business or creative outcomes.


We enable organizations to solve recurring challenges and drive new capabilities by providing them with data powered products.

Who we work with

Integrating data-enabled solutions into activities that rely heavily on human imagination and sensitivity bring particular challenges. It also opens up a whole new field of possibilities. AI and Analytics have tremendous potential in creative industries. We help organizations whose goal is to create, produce and broadcast cultural content to understand those opportunities and seize them.


Who we are

Our team works at the intersections of data sciences and creative industries.