What we do

We help media companies build and execute their data strategy to drive their digital transformation. We develop and implement AI-enabled solutions to accelerate business outcomes.


How we can help

We work with media companies to target their specific pain points. We develop analytics and artificial intelligence solutions to solve them.


Drive Subscriptions


Customize Plarforms


Increase Retention


Engage Audiences


Improve Content


Optimize Distribution


Who we serve

We provide an end-to-end support to media companies, news organizations, communication and marketing departments who have data to leverage.


Media companies

Integrating artificial intelligence into activities that rely heavily on human creativity brings particular challenges. It also opens up a whole new field of possibilities. AI has tremendous potential in creative industries. We help organizations whose goal is to create, produce and broadcast cultural and entertainment content to understand that potential and use AI to differentiate themselves



News organizations

News organizations have undergone major changes in recent years and it's not about to stop. Artificial intelligence is one of the next layers of technology that will be impacting strongly the future of news. Beyond the challenges it brings, AI can offer powerful tool to newsrooms.


Communication and marketing departments

An ever-increasing number of companies face the same complex challenges as the media. To reach and add value to their audiences, brands must excel across multiple channels and platforms. We help communication and marketing departments use artificial intelligence to achieve their goals.